2021Campus Recruitment

About NetEase Games

NetEase Games is an affiliate of NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES). NetEase Games is the 2nd largest game developer worldwide by revenue. Since its first game, Fantasy Westward Journey, it has launched 5 billion-dollar-franchises. Over the years, NetEase Games has always been focused on developing high quality contents and entertaining gamers worldwide.

NetEase Games also established in-depth partnership with some of the world’s most creative studios including: Blizzard (developer of World of Warcraft), Mojang (developer of Minecraft), Quantic Dream (developer of Detroit: Become Human).

Department Snapshots

  • Art Design Center

    Art Design Center (ADC) produces art for NetEase’s internal studios as well as external partners. For years, ADC has developed its capability to create art work in a variety of styles including anime, Chinese style, western cartoon, western fantasy, science fiction, casual cartoon, realistic, VR, etc.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance support the development of in-house games and partner products at NetEase. Experts at QA detect bugs, optimize codes and create protocols that ensures not only a smooth experience for gamers but also an efficient development process. Today, NetEase’s Quality Assurance department owns state of the art technology in mobile game testing and optimization.

  • Oversea Publishing

    Netease Games Overseas Publishing Department publish NetEase Games’ titles around the world,on multiple platforms including mobile, PC, VR, etc. At overseas publishing, we tailor marketing strategies for each different game titles for global markets. In order to bring better gaming experience to players globally,we have set up branch offices in Japan, Korea, Singapore and North America.

Our Products